Aurelon provides innovative technology for the processing of digital colour information for publishing to any media that requires accurate graphic production, automation and colour output.

We provide third party manufacturing companies, producing tools for graphic arts production and colour editing, with technology for their Raster Image Processors (RIP) and Workflows, for generating Portable Document Format (PDF) files, and for Colour Management.

Our main goals are doing research for solutions regarding market needs, to develop technology and products based on this technology, and to license technology and products.

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By focussing on the workflow rather than the machine, PrintFactory offers a completely new point of view on digital print production and industrial printing. In this environment, PrintFactory becomes the heart of your production offering job preparation and editing, printing, cutting and proofing from one and the same platform.

PrintFactory drives an extensive range of devices from a variety of brands. So if your plant hosts multiple printers and cutters for different applications, PrintFactory is the ideal solution to drive all of it from one platform. This will increase your operator’s efficiency and make them readily interchangeable from machine to machine. With its roots in proofing, PrintFactory’s color technology deliver consistent colour reproduction across several printers and substrates and allows an accurate simulation of large to wide-format production jobs on small (scaled) affordable ink jet printers, avoiding any inefficiencies in production.


PrintFactory v5 is the most complete production suite for banner, sign and super wide format printing that is set to revolutionize the way you run your print shop. PrintFactory provides all the professional job preparation and file correction tools you need to produce more and faster with minimum waste and guaranteed superb results.

Not just a RIP, a complete production solution

Driving over 1000 different devices, PrintFactory can print jobs as they are being processed, giving you a real speed advantage over your competitors. For files needing manual intervention, the PrintFactory Editor allows you to handle more jobs per day by separating job preparation from production. Whether you need to combine and correct multiple jobs, make edits on color, masks, shapes, scaling, rotation, mirroring, create tiles or place grommets, with the PrintFactory’s Editor all the job preparation and correction tools are only a click away. Its unique, decentralized product architecture also allows studio operators to prepare files in the familiar environment of their Mac, while the RIP and PrintStation can reside on a PC.

Increase profitability, reduce waste

PrintFactory not only increases productivity and operator flexibility, it also allows you to produce more efficiently. With PrintFactory’s advanced color engine you can easily introduce proofing in your workflow,increasing machine up-time and reducing waste of expensive production media and ink.

Accurate color on different machines, at different times

The PrintFactory Calibrator makes profile creation a breeze. A simple wizard-based interface will guide you through the process of aligning different printers or different media. With PrintFactory you can be sure you’ll provide your customers with color consistency throughout their entire campaign.


You’re a smaller sign shop, focusing on vinyl cutting and vehicle wrapping?

PrintFactory provides an easy-to-use solution that runs on Mac and PC and that you can get started with immediately. It drives the printers and cutters you use, allows you to check and prepare all files and provides full job scheduling and follow-up. Read more…


You’re a print shop producing point-of-sale materials and posters?

The PDF editor provided with PrintFactory will slash your preparation time with support for tiling, eyeletting, folds and tunnels, contour cutting, white ink support and full support for color management and spot colors. And whatever mix of devices you use, PrintFactory provides standardized printing across all of them. Read more…


You’re an industrial printer working with super-wide format devices?

PrintFactory easily scales with you; providing automatic load-balancing for the ripping process, full PDF/X support and JDF compatibility to accomplish unheard-of automation throughout your plant. Read more…


Whoever you are…

Download the trial version of PrintFactory today to experience how much you stand to gain. Or ask us to give you a personalized demo to walk you through the solution and highlight where you could save time, material and ink!






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